Spirit Trekk® Episodes


Pilot: Spirit Light (2011 WGAW #1485438)
Logline: A widow stumbles upon an anomaly which shows her that there is more to life unseen than can be seen.  (Based upon a true story.)

Episode 1: Switched Reality (2012 WGAW #1569368)
Logline: A soldier returns from a 24-month deployment and finds that the family home is missing - even the address no longer exists.

Episode 2: The Matrix
Logline:  After an amazing accident a man sees things he never did before.

Episode 3: Transition
Logline: Following the death of her mother, a woman has an experience not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature.  (Based upon a true story.)

Episode 4: Brightest Light
Logline:  A business man is a witness to something that will shatter everything he ever believed in.

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