One person's story helps us to understand that there is no such thing as death but rather, our energy simply takes another form. The clear and compelling evidence found in the pictures of this book of spirit lights makes the words of the pages come to life. If ever you have lost a loved one and are wondering "where are they now?" , this book will guide you to a new understanding of life after death. Kudos to Molly for sharing her journey.

Alison Baughman

I have no special talent
I  am only passionately curious
about the wonders of creation.
- Maureen Harris

Spirit Light©
by Molly R Harris

(Maureen Harris)

What if all you had been taught about the world was not the whole picture?

What if there was more?

When cancer claimed the life of Molly's husband, she stumbled upon profound evidence, that there is more to life unseen than can be seen.

The journey would take her beyond anything she could of imagined.

Because of her spirit light encounters, she now knows that death is not the final stop in life.

Join Molly as she shares her experiences with Spirit Light!


Our species needs, and deserves,
a citizenry with minds wide awake
and a basic understanding of how the world works."
- Dr. Carl Sagan