From the creator of Moonlight and Molly™

"Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with expression through various methods of creative arts.

From my early days of working on the school newspaper to hanging out at my step-dad’s local radio station; to working on the TV show Petrocelli, to writing and producing a 10 year, 16 page monthly newsletter for racing legend Jeff Gordon ~ my canvas is painted through creative arts.

Since I can remember, my dream was to write my own children’s book series. Taking kids young and old alike to a magical place that would stir their imagination. For without imagination, creation could not exist. My mom was an artist and always encouraged me to chase my dreams. I want to inspire kids of all ages to never forget their childlike spirit.

I have always been a dreamer and loved playing outdoors with my toy horses, taking us through the Land of Imagination. Being the youngest of 6 kids, I never wanted to grow up. I spent a lot of time by myself as a child, and was amazed at all the wonderful things I could create and see in that land, it became my go to place. There was so much magic there. You could walk with Unicorns and fairies flew around you.

I love horses and the vision of Moonlight and Molly™ was inspired after I adopted a wild Mustang and named her Moonlight. She became my best friend and helped me through some dark days in my life as we connected on a spiritual level.

Through the darkness, Moonlight’s presence was a gift from Heaven. She became the glint of light that would glow in the darkness, giving me an unspeakable urge to pursue the dream of my children’s series.

Since I was a young girl, horses have been a favorite of mine. I grew up in a time when finances were scarce, but somehow I always found a toy horse. My toy horses would take me to places full of magic. When Moonlight came into my life, she stirred that magic once again. And the thought of my children’s series was the catalyst that renewed my child like spirit. I knew she came from the Land of Imagination.

Taking my love of creative art expression and becoming an author was no easy task. I authored three books prior to my decision to delve into the children’s series. But after the creative end of Moonlight and Molly™ began to flow, then my dilemma was, where would I get graphics to express what my heart yearned to create? I didn’t know how to draw beautiful characters, or paint colorful scenes.

Not being in a financial position to hire an artist, I took up the daunting task of teaching myself 3D graphic arts. With no institutional certificate hanging on the wall, I learned enough in that field to create all the graphics for my book series. YES! I was elated that I could share my dream with kids of all ages, helping others to never give up their creative imaginative skills.

My first three books were written, the graphics for the books were done; but now, the insurmountable task of publishing the series.

Being turned away from the largest publisher in New York was not based upon the book’s merit, the executive of the company told me the story was great and he would buy it for his kids. But it was rejected solely upon its literary genre, thus I took on the task of publishing head on. Diving in and learning more about the publishing business, I decided that the light of my children’s series will shine on its own merit.

Fast forward to today, I am very proud of Moonlight and Molly™ children’s series and grateful how my self-taught skills will allow my dream to blossom, bringing inspiration and joy to kids of all ages. Thank you for allowing me to share my story!"

~ Maureen Harris