From the creator of Moonlight and Molly™

"Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with expression through various methods of creative arts.

From my early days of working on the school newspaper to hanging out at my step-dad’s local radio station; to working on the TV show Petrocelli, to writing and producing a 10 year, 16 page monthly newsletter for racing legend Jeff Gordon ~ my canvas is painted through creative arts.

Since I can remember I had a dream of writing a children’s book series. Taking kids young and old alike to a magical place that would stir their imagination. For without imagination, creation could not exist.

I have always been a dreamer and loved playing outdoors with my toy horses, taking us through the Land of Imagination. Being the youngest of 6 kids, I never wanted to grow up. I spent a lot of time by myself as a child, and was amazed at all the wonderful things I could create and see in that land, it became my go to place. There was so much magic there. You could walk with Unicorns and fairies flew around you.

I love horses and the vision of Moonlight and Molly™ was inspired after I adopted a wild Mustang and named her Moonlight. She became my best friend and helped me through some dark days in my life as we connected on a spiritual level.

Horses have always been a favorite of mine. I grew up in a time when finances were scarce, but somehow I always found a toy horse. My toy horses would take me to places full of magic. When Moonlight came into my life she stirred that childlike magic once again, I just knew she came from the Land of Imagination. She was a gift from Heaven giving me an unspeakable urge to pursue the dream of my children’s series.

My mom was an artist and always encouraged me to chase my dreams, so I started writing Moonlight and Molly™.  After the series began to flow, I needed graphics for the books. I didn’t know how to draw beautiful characters, or paint colorful scenes, so I took up the daunting task of teaching myself 3D graphic arts. With no institutional certificate hanging on the wall, I learned enough in that field to create all the graphics for my book series. YES! I was elated that I could share my dream with kids of all ages, helping others to never give up their creative imaginative skills.

Fast forward to today, I am very proud of the Moonlight and Molly™ children’s series. And so grateful how my self-taught skills will allow my dream to blossom, inspiring kids of all ages to never forget their childlike spirit.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story!"

~ Maureen Harris