Be Grateful For The Shade©
by Molly R Harris
(Maureen Harris)

There is more to life unseen
than can be seen.
The spirit world is closer
than we can imagine.

- Maureen Harris

"Be Grateful For The Shade is a remarkable, memorable and many faceted writing depicting trials, joys and a life's path of two that became one: unbreakable even by death.  More than anything, this book, staged in real life and about monumental struggles, is a deep, passionate love story equal to the tragedies of love separated, like Romeo & Juliet; but with an enlightened epilogue of hope and inspiration about the transformation of life's love to eternal love which continues to grow every day."

~ Mike Morgan

"Be Grateful For The Shade is truly a heart felt and a heart warming book that tells about Molly's journey through her husband's illness and eventual passing in a way that, I am sure, so many who have lost a loved one can identify with.

Molly's understanding of life and the other side are perfectly expressed and I so enjoyed the photographs that she shared within the book.  To those seeking answers about life and death I highly recommend you read this enlightening, heart opening book that will lead you to a higher understanding in your own search for enlightenment.

~  Love & Blessings, Rain Mist


"Be Grateful For The Shade" is a heartfelt, honest and well written modern day love story ending with physical loss and personal strength.

Molly's words brought me comfort and reminded me to not "forget to look for the signs" that my husband sends to let me know that even in death he is still with me.

I found strength in reading her story and definitely not so all alone."

~ Linda Baron Levine

"Molly has written a wonderful, heart-felt book of true love and beyond and how love goes on forever . . . I had the privilege of knowing Molly and Russ when he was still in his earthly form and they are wonderful souls!!! Buy the book, you will totally enjoy it!"

~ Helen Caruso

"I have received your book you sent me!  After reading it I truly believe that I was meant to read this book and learn to communicate with my love, also that love never dies, and we are still together!  Thank you so much for this, you helped me see the light again and that our relationship isn't over, just changed."

~ Kandice Villasenor

Molly began a quest that would take her soul into great depths, after cancer claimed the life of her best friend and husband.  She wanted to know where her husband, her twin soul had gone after his physical death.

Wanting to share her story to help others realize that death of the physical body is not the end of life and the bonds of love go on forever, she wrote her first book as a message for those who may follow down her same path.

With a strong message that we do not have to say good-bye to our loved ones upon physical death, and the spirit world is closer than we can imagine;  Molly feels it is time to raise our awareness that physical death is not the end of life.

As Molly continues her research about the magic and mystery of life, her hope is to help open the door for those who wish to expand their wisdom about the wonders of creation.


Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

- George Bernard Shaw